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Real Results 

IBC understands that scheduling slips, cost over runs, and poor-quality control is unacceptable and reduces project viability.  In our 35 years of construction and project experience we have managed, and controlled areas exploited by consultants and contractors who do not have the projects best interest in mind.  We can identify and manage those risks and extravagant change orders, saving the project money and time, allowing the projects and business to remain profitable.

  • Professional Project Management Specialists

  • Project Development

  • Fast Tracked Results

  • Regional Expertise 

  • In-House Research Teams

Keeping your project on time and on budget is the primary focus of our project management team.  We act as the interface between your company and construction contractors, state and local agencies and other necessary parties to assure on time and on budget projects.  We can provide:         

                -Site location analysis

                                - Topography


                                -Workforce analysis

                                -Supply chain data

                -Infrastructure analysis




                -Construction estimates

                -Engineering and design oversight

                -Permitting and local approvals

                -Construction supervision

                -Project documentation

                                -Change order management

                                -information requests

                                -draw requests


                -Owners Representative

                -Regulatory management

Development and the Environment

IBC believes that sustainable business and development practices, which includes the conservation of the environment, provides a platform for long term successful operations, decreased regulatory risk and increased community support.

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