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Modern Projects.

Development and Management Team

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Our Story

IBC Ltd. Co. was founded in 1994 to provide international and domestic services to energy and industrial companies that were developing projects in the US and foreign countries.  IBC quickly became a leading service provider to large energy and other industrial projects, establishing itself as a premier development and project management specialist for fast track and challenging projects.

Who We Are

IBC provides project management services, construction management and overall development support using our team of licensed contractors, engineers and project management specialists.  IBC exists to provide companies with a single point of contact for expansion and development efforts.

Our Vision

IBC’s vision is to provide clients with the most up-to-date, environmentally sound technology and processes that are focused on fast track implementation of a project strategy.  IBC will work with local stakeholders in the project area to assure project timeliness and budget.   IBC’s belief is that community involvement leads to better projects and that all projects must benefit and improve the quality of life for the surrounding community, while assuring projects are successful and profitable

About Us




IBC provides a complete project management team that represents the project owner in all aspects of project management, construction and operational support.  IBC’s independent status assures project owners that all efficiencies are captured, and that project status is maintained through active local management. 

What We Offer
Why Us



Deep Industry Knowledge

IBC provides local expertise and contacts that are needed for operations and strategy implementation.  IBC's project team will consist of specialists knowledgeable in local markets that will provide critical intelligence concerning laws, regulations, business environment, protocols, and competitive analysis.

Years of Experience

IBC has over 25 years of experience in international and domestic project development in industrial and energy related projects.  Many of these years were spent in remote areas of developing countries, giving IBC a unique ability to resolve sourcing, supply, and other challenging issues.   

In-House Research Teams

IBC provides research, fact-finding, and analysis of potential technologies, business partners, customers, individuals, and competitors.  With access to the latest industry databases and computer technology, IBC can provide in depth analysis of project parameters, project constraints and strategies for creating opportunity within those constraints.

Problem Solvers

IBC understands that each project will have challenges and that developing out of the box solutions is necessary to keep a project moving forward.  We provide answers, not just identify problems.



Our Mailing Address

P.O. Box 935

Mesilla Park, NM 88047

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